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Our plant business division, consists of design team/production team/field service team, is an expert in flow, storage and control of fluids for chemical treatment and water treatment. Customized facilities optimized for on-site conditions are manufactured according to customer needs and drawings discussed with the design team. It provides optimized plant site solutions in a one-stop process from the production of raw materials to cutting, processing, and fusion.

On-site Production

maintenance of structures needed at the plant site with eco-friendly materials.
Square plating tanks, circular chemical tanks, as well as any shape or angle can be customized to the customer's needs.
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Fabricated Fitting
We manufacture and deliver any product, including multi-angle fitting pipes tailored to piping design, perforated pipes, and branch pipes for semiconductor processes, with customer convenience as our top priority.
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Chemical Dosing System
By perfectly implementing a design suitable for field conditions,
we quantify chemical input and minimize chemical leakage.
All products, from cabinets to internal
and external piping and valves, are manufactured at KUPP's factory.
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Chemical Agitator
An industrial agitator is a mixing device that rotates the inside of a tank to flow the fluid inside the tank. Agitating system, consists of a motor / shaft / impeller, etc., is supplied with a chemical tank and is produced in various models depending on the user and site conditions.
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