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With HDPE (PE100 / PERC/PERT) and PPH Sheet in accordance with international standards, the latest fusion equipment, and sophisticated CNC work, it is the safest, can be used for a long time without corrosion, and has strong chemical resistance. Our chemical tank can be used at high temperatures.


Chemical tanks are designed and produced according to DVS2005 / DVS 2005 & DVC 2007-4, and all butt-welding conducted according to DVS 2007-1.

  • 01
    Excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance of HDPE/PP-H
    No worries about corrosion and rust
  • 02
    High-strength HDPE material containing carbon black
    No problem with sunlight exposure with strong UV PROTECTION
  • 03
    Use of PP-H raw materials
    Can be used up to 90℃
  • 04
    High-strength HDPE/PP-H material
    Maintains a sturdy basic structure
  • 05
    Round/square/multi-angle manufacturing according to user convenience
    Possible to freely design according to site conditions.

PE 100 (HDPE)​ material satisfies MRS 10 Mpa, and carbon black dispersion is uniform as a compound raw material. It has excellent processability, excellent chemical resistance, and abrasive resistance. In addition, it can be used outdoors as it has strong UV resistant. Although PERC (Polyethylene Resistance to Crack) is the same raw material as PE100, it is highly recommended to use it in the field where physical properties deteriorate due to internal and external scratches due to low-speed cracking resistance.

PP-H (Polypropylene Homopolyer) is a raw material with enhanced strong chemical resistance / abrasive resistance and high temperature pressure resistance. It can be used up to 90°C and can be used for a variety of purposes, including acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and pure water. It is used in chemical tanks that require high temperature and strong chemical resistance, working flow of secondary battery material production, steel cold rolling lines, and plating tanks.

FRP (fiber Reinforced Plastics) is a semi-permanent material that is stronger than iron and lighter than aluminum by impregnating unsaturated polyester resin with glass fibers as reinforcement.

FR-LSZH (Frame Retardant – Low Smoke Zero Halogen)) contains flame retardants on the outer surface of the product, making it a UL 94 VO grade flame retardant that keeps your storage safe from fire.

Customized TANK

The following OPTIONS are available for customized tank production: If you select OPTION, you can request a quote along with the model of the tank you want.

Handrail & Loader

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