KUPP offers the convenient connection type pipe - UKP.
Select the wall structure according to the strength and various conditions of use,
such as sewage treatment plants and sanitary landfills.
KUPP guarantees a more effective installation with UKP type with
a convenient connection structure.
Double Wall
I-beam structure with a grid-shaped block in cross section,
and the inside of the pipe wall is a square hole.
Multi Wall
The cross section of a pipe is formed with “+” shaped reinforcement
inside the lattice block. It is a pipe with improved external
pressure strength compared to the Double Wall.
Waved Wall
Corrugated bulkheads (W sahped) are continuously built to
improve rigidity with a stable structure.
It is possible to prevent environmental pollution caused by
opening of the flow path, such as prevention of leakage of
wastewater and groundwater inflow.
UKP Type
With “U-Stopper” and “Bolt Separation Preventing Parts”, leakage of
joints and pipe separation have been greatly reduced. Expect effective
compared to other welding methods.
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