WEL, the European multi-layered PE pipe,
ideal for multi-purpose utility lines by KUPP.
  • Completely protects the inner HDPE pipe even in the external conditions of the site by “3-layer” extrusion molding.
  • Various connecting operations are available according to site conditions in the same way as existing product such as Compression , Electric Fusion (E/F) and Butt Fusion.
  • The outer LLDPE or PP layer protects the inner HDPE pipe from external shocks generated during transport or construction and can be used as an exposed pipe.
  • Pipeline and leakage detection
    functions can be added for
    various purposes.
  • By color classification, possible to classify the type of supply, fir fighting piping or plant wastewater line.
Premium fitting package provided by the global fitting brand
cooperation and effective installation with top-technical team.

Now, into the new solution, WEL.
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